Who is Tresa?

Tresa Leftenant, CFP® and BFA

Tresa Leftenant is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Behavioral Finance Advisor (BFA™) with over four decades of comprehensive financial planning and wealth advisory experience. She is also a Certified Canfield Trainer of The Success Principles, a popular speaker, podcaster, and transformation facilitator.

In her 40s, Tresa was a chronic shopaholic with tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt and three failed marriages. One day she experienced a life-changing epiphany and became aware of a whole new way of looking at life. She dedicated herself to personal development and turned a negative net worth into seven figures and counting, and now enjoys a romance-novel relationship with her current husband of twenty-four years. She knows from personal experience how to turn around unwanted life results and has the training to facilitate the best life-changing strategies available today with her clients.

After a successful career in corporate America, Tresa decided to open a private financial advisory practice in 2003. She is fiercely committed to guiding women to pursue a wealthy and purposeful life. Through her education programs, she empowers women to build and manage the financial resources they need to support their dreams by highlighting the intersection between a positive money mindset and a committed financial planning skill set.

Tresa’s masterwork, Reinventing Her – Helping Women Plan, Pursue, and Capitalize on Their Next Chapter, is a handbook for women who are ready to change their financial lives. She openly shares her own transformation with money, relationships, and career—and encourages women to upgrade their lives by learning and living the steps she created to change hers.

In 2024 a group of remarkable women come together to write a powerful book, to ignite a powerful movement of trust and surrender. In She Leads from Within: Intuitive Thought Leadership is Changing the Way Women Do Business, Tresa and twenty other women share their empowering stories of strength, resilience, and hope to inspire women to embrace their inner wisdom to live intuitively. Tresa shares seven concepts to inspire a whole new way of looking at money and life.


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Writing a book is one of the most transformative experiences anyone can have. Sharing my personal growth and how it changed my life, instilled a passion to share my insights with others. I overcame obstacles, learned valuable lessons, and ultimately emerged as a strong, wise, and powerful woman.

If you are on your own journey of self-discovery and development, I hope you find my story inspiring. No matter what has happened in your life, you can overcome self-doubt, and fear of change and navigate the journey toward authenticity and purpose.

I invite you to use Reinventing Her as a tool to spark positive change in your life and the lives of the people you love. Reinvention is the doorway to living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. 


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