Coaching: Creating a Wealthy Life

What is the wealthy life of your dreams?


How awesome would it be to...

  • not feel stressed and overwhelmed with money?
  • trust your decisions with money and know you have enough no matter what happens?
  • drop your bad habits and spend money on your most cherished values and goals?
  • stop feeling shame and guilt over past mistakes with money?
  • feel wonderfully empowered and free to be wealthy on your terms?
  • have a trusting, respectful, and empowered relationship with money?


That's what I wanted too, back in my 40s, and that's why I created a transformational journey to a peaceful and prosperous relationship with money.


The Wealthy Women Blueprint – 7 Steps for Living the Wealthy Life of Your Dreams




a personally paced coaching program

The Wealthy Woman's Blueprint Coaching Program




Step #1 - Embrace the Power of Response-Ability: Change can only happen when you commit to learning and growing from the inside out. 

Step #2 - Awaken Your Awesomeness: Remember the amazing human qualities you were born with and start making choices from your true self.

Step #3 - Power Up Inner Superpowers: Reingage inner strengths, skills, and abilities to intentionally supercharge your financial life.

Step #4 - Explore  Core Values and Personal Principles: Strengthen your connection to what's truly meaningful in your life.

Step #5 - Manage Your Mind: Transform your thinking from family and societal programming to creative thinking that supports your desired financial future.

Step #6 - Unleash Your Inner GPS: Finally know where you are going in life and attract the money and self-worth to pursue your path.

Step #7 – Calm Down the Inner Chaos: Let go of fear, shame, and guilt with money by stepping into your true self, powerfully pursuing what you want, and loving and accepting the gloriousness of being human. 


These steps are best pursued in one-on-one coaching sessions at a pace that is comfortable for you. As your coach and mentor, I bring love, compassion, and clarity, gently directing you to explore the view you have of life and money that has created your current financial conditions. Through inquiry and self-reflection, you'll discover a different way of looking at life and money, letting change occur naturally. I believe that everyone has what they need already inside to live the life of their dreams. All that is needed is a little guidance to help you re-discover the beautiful human who is meant to live a wealthy life. 


What People Are Saying


Tresa has an amazing ability to see through where I am stuck or lost, in multiple situations, both with my relationships and in my work life. Her work is powerful, and she is sure about how to use it, giving me complete confidence when working with her. She knows how to bring possibility and hope alive when I’m unsure of the direction I should go. She patiently and skillfully assists me to reroute my thinking to a place where I feel confident, capable, and happy with who I am. I have great respect and confidence in Tresa’s abilities, and the work she has so beautifully crafted. I am forever grateful to Tresa for her dedication to life changing transformation.

Vicki N.
Realtor Mercer Island, WA


I hired Tresa to help me grow, and I definitely got my money’s worth! Tresa knew the right questions to ask and helped me figure out the answers for myself. She has a lot of insight, sees into how people work and think. She can be tough when she wants to, compassionate and kind, but more on the tough love end of things, which is what I needed. After working with her I have more confidence and a more uplifted view of life.

Mary Tagye
Registered Nurse, Olympia, WA
The thing about Tresa is that she's one of those people you notice right away.She has this cool, positive vibe, and yet, she's totally relatable and approachable. Tresa has many talents, but the one that leaves me in awe is her rare ability to be both analytical and intuitive. Her sharp mind combined with her perceptiveness provides unique perspectives and original outcomes. Goal-oriented, smart, and playful, she is the woman we all want to hang with.

Michelle J. Kaplan
Author, and: A love story within



Tresa Leftenant is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Behavioral Finance Advisor (BFA™) with over four decades of comprehensive financial planning and wealth advisory experience. She is also a Certified Canfield Trainer of The Success Principles, a popular speaker, podcaster, and transformation facilitator.

In her 40’s, Tresa was a chronic shopaholic with tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt and three failed marriages. One day she experienced a life-changing epiphany and became aware of a whole new way of looking at life. She dedicated herself to personal development and turned a negative net-worth into seven figures and counting, and now enjoys a romance-novel relationship with her current husband of twenty-four years. She knows from personal experience how to turn around unwanted life results and has the training to facilitate the best life-changing strategies available today with her clients.

She is fiercely committed to guiding women to pursue a wealthy and purposeful life. Through her education programs, she empowers women to build and manage the financial resources they need to support their dreams by highlighting the intersection between a positive money mindset and a committed financial planning skill set.



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