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Women have been gathering in circles for centuries. When women come together to speak boldly and honestly about their financial experiences, a profound sense of solidarity emerges.

To elevate your income and achieve the life you dream of, women need to speak openly, confront the realities of their current financial situation, and make intentional choices for their future.

Bold conversations can shatter the silence surrounding money matters and pave the way for collective healing, fostering resilience, and empowering women to transform their relationship with money.


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Join our free monthly virtual gathering where women come together to share openly and honestly about their money journeys.

In this safe and guided space, you'll find a powerful opportunity to boost your financial self-worth and reshape your path to financial independence.

My forty-year career talking to women about their money has convinced me that the missing link to developing financial self-worth is breaking free of old beliefs and mistaken ideas through conversation with other like-minded women.


WealthCircles is a monthly drop-in Zoom call where women support each other in a safe, facilitated space, sharing a powerful opportunity to gain more financial self-worth and reframe their path to financial independence.


Date: Last Wednesday of the month
Time: 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific

Where: Zoom

Cost: Free!


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The only thing you need to bring is a commitment to creating a safe container for everyone who shows up.


Your Facilitator 

Tresa Leftenant, CFP®, BFA™, Certified Canfield Trainer of The Success Principles

Tresa has spent the last twenty years talking to women about their money every day in her independent financial planning and wealth management practice. She witnesses firsthand how speaking honestly about their emotions and conflicts with money has led to her clients making smarter choices with their money. She gained coaching and facilitation skills from several mentors, including Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Dr. Deb Sandella, Brooke Castillo, LifeSpring Trainers, and many other experts in the personal development field. 

"Tresa knows the right questions to ask and helped me figure out the answers for myself." Mary Tagye, Registered Nurse

"Tresa is direct but sensitive and nurturing at the same time." Joyce Goldberg, Event Producer

"Tresa has a holistic process that is transformative." Cathy McDonald, Project Manager



2024 Topics 

July 26th, 2024

What if Everything was Up For Grabs?

We all have premises, givens, that are running the decisions and actions we take with money. The reason they are givens is that we've believed them for so long that we stack up a lot of evidence to convince ourselves they are true. But actually, many of our premises aren't True (with a capital T) but are just made-up thoughts that we've decided are true because they helped us change our feelings of fear, insecurity, and lack in the past.

What if everything you think about money was up for grabs? That doesn't mean you have to upend your whole financial life, but taking a look to see if your premises about money hold up to an "is this True" inquiry, could turn your financial bus in a whole new direction. Because once you think differently, you do differently.

Let's explore one or two of your financial givens, and see what shifts in your financial life.



Lindsay Troxell, Certified Life Coach

June 26th 2024

Forgiving ourselves for money mistakes.

Money is not just about numbers, it's deeply intertwined with emotions, self-worth, and societal expectations. Women sometimes feel guilty and ashamed and criticize themselves over past financial mistakes. Our emotional reactions to financial mistakes are often based on feelings of inadequacy, fear of judgment, and avoiding financial responsibilities.

With self-compassion and kindness, we can recognize our humanity, acknowledge our emotions without judgment, and embrace that mistakes are a part of learning and growth.

Guest: Brenda Reiss, Founder of Brenda Reiss Coaching

Listen to a 5-min video of Brenda and I discussing this topic

Forgiveness for Mistakes with Money



May 29th, 2024

Women's complicated relationship with sales

We'll talk about the specific apprehensions and challenges that women may encounter in sales roles or when engaging in sales activities. Women have societal and cultural factors that contribute to their apprehension, including stereotypes, confidence issues, and societal expectations. We'll explore how these factors manifest in the workplace and impact women's attitudes towards sales-related tasks.

Guest: Sandy Stamato, CEO of Limbdweller Coaching, Positive Intelligence Coach, and creator of Sage Selling.

Listen to Sandy and I talk about overcoming our fear of sales.

Sandy and Tresa's conversation about women and sales

Mary Lee, Certified Luxury Realtor

April 24th, 2024

Letting Go of Shame and Guilt with Money

In this thought-provoking conversation, we delve into a deeply ingrained societal construct: women's relationship with money, and the often-unspoken shame and guilt that accompanies it. This is your opportunity to confront the societal taboos that silence conversations around money and to dissect the multifaceted layers of shame and guilt that inhibit women's financial empowerment.

Guest: Wonderful Morrison, Brand and Marketing Strategist and CEO of LeadHER Brand and Marketing Consultant Agency.

Listen to Wonderful and I talk about shame and guilt with money.

Wonderful and Tresa talk about emotions around money


March 27, 2024

The Feminine Way with Money

What if women empowered themselves to let go of the masculine rules around money and instead embraced a new feminine way with money? Following our intuition, collaborating with others, and powerfully asking for what we want can offer a more comfortable way for women to interact with money. Stepping into our authentic selves with money is a paradigm shift for women.
Guest: Mary Lee, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist with Sotheby's International Realty, Mercer Island, WA


February 28th, 2024

Emotions around money

Why is credit card debt, or any debt for that matter, such a painful problem for women? We'll offer thoughts about why women overspend and offer new insight into processing our emotions around money.
Guest: Lindsay Troxell, Certified Life Coach and Founder of Our Coaching Initiative, a training platform for holistic financial advisors.


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Disclosure: Tresa Leftenant is a licensed financial advisor and is only able to give personalized financial advice when retained through her affiliation with Ameriprise Financial Services LLC. This group discussion focuses on the inner tools women can develop to have a healthy relationship with money.



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