Attention Women Over 40 - Stressed about money?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and out of control with money?


If you are like a lot of women I talk to, this is how you feel about money... and your life. Earning a high income is stressful and demanding, and you feel pressured to climb the ladder and earn even more. You prioritize saving and investing and yet you worry if you've saved enough and are prepared for a future financial downturn. 

You feel a strong sense of financial responsibility for your family, including providing for your children’s education, caring for your aging parents, and making sure your household is financially secure and stable. The pressure to conform to societal expectations, gender roles, career success, and personal fulfillment, is creating an inner emotional storm that you feel incapable of changing.


You have what it takes to change things...from the inside out


 Would you like to...

 Turn your love/hate relationship with money into peace and harmony?
 Stop beating yourself up for mistakes in the past?
 Trust yourself to make the best decisions for your values and goals?
 Feel completely capable and worthy of having financial abundance?


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To start building a W-healthy relationship with money, start with this free mini-course, Women and Financial Self-Worth

In this course, you will…

✔ Identify areas of your mindset that may be sabotaging your financial results.
Learn how societal programming contributes to the very real wealth gap.
How women are overcoming decades of mistruths and taking bold new action with money.
Let go of financial stress by aligning your values and goals with your financial decisions.

With the right mindset, you can feel peaceful and less stressed. Get started today!

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Past Client Transformations...

Brandi finally had enough of feeling stuck, struggling with low self-esteem, and being burdened by fears and limiting thoughts about money. She learned to relax, be vulnerable, and explore herself. She embraced new daily habits, and powerful mindset shifts, aligning her actions with her deepest-held values and personal goals. Our work opened the door to a whole new financial vision for her personal and professional life.

Lora was grieving the loss of her partner, feeling afraid and incapable of handling her finances alone. She was frozen by thoughts that women aren't capable of managing complex financial situations. She connected with her values, learned to manage her mind, and step by step transformed her finances to support her new single journey through life. Today she trusts herself to make the right financial decisions and now knows she has everything she needs to create a whole new prosperous financial life.

Jen felt exhausted and unappreciated at work, there was too much work left over at the end of her week. The stress had long ago robbed her of the passion she felt at the beginning of her career. She yearned for something new but felt trapped by her fear that she hadn't saved enough to secure her financial future. As she tapped into her true self and learned the truth about her natural superpowers, she began to trust the inner yearning and leaned into the possibility that she could create a whole new life for herself, and be financially free too.

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